How to solve the min quadratic programming problem

How to solve the min problem: min linear/concave
I try to reform min linear/concave to min linear - concave, but i dont know how to reform

Have you proven this is a convex optimization problem? From your description, it si not clear how this is a quadratic programming problem.

IT is not optimization problem, i try to reform it to optimization problem, but i don’t know how to reform it

Readers of this forum don’t now what problem you want to solve.

I encountered a non-convex optimization problem: min A (x)/B (x), where A (x) is a linear function of x and B (x) is a concave function of x. I want to convert it into a convex optimization problem, but I don’t know how to do it. I tried to change min A (x)/B (x) into min A (x) - B (x) but failed. Can you give me some suggestions?

The suggestion I give you is to carefully read the link I provided.