How to scale the constraints so that CVX solver accept them?

Hi, I have the following constraints but the value of the two sides may not suitable for CVX as:
ζ >= a*y+δ;
b + cq >= pow_p(y, -2/α);

pow_p(η,-1) <= dx;
pow_pos(q, 2) <= m-n

where ζ, y, η, x, q are CVX variables, and the others are constants.
Note that ζ,x,y≈1e-7, y≈1e-7, 0<q<500,
α=2.4, a≈1e-3, δ≈1e-8, b≈1e+5, d≈1e+2, c≈1e-2, m≈1e+5, n≈1e+11, xi≈1e-7

Refer to CVX’s user guide and discussions in forum, I found expression within [1e-3, 1e+3] is prefered in CVX, so I’d like to scale the above constraints into proper range. But I don’t known how to do it yet. Please give me some suggestions, thanks a lot.

Change the units. For instance GHz instead of Hz, micrograms instead of grams, etc.