How to resolve cvx setup error

I’d like to install cvx on my window10 desktop using MATLAB 2016a.

But when I type ‘cvx_setup’ on matlab command, following error message occurred.

Warning: NARGCHK will be removed in a future release. Use NARGINCHK or NARGOUTCHK instead.

In narginchk (line 3)
In usejava (line 43)
In cvx_version (line 96)
In cvx_setup (line 20)
UNEXPECTED ERROR: -------------------------
error : narginchk(line 3)
too many input arguments
error : usejava (line 43)
error: cvx_version (line 96)
if isoctave || ~usejava(‘jvm’),
error: cvx_setup (line 20)
cvx_version( ‘-install’, varargin{:} );
Please report this error to support, and include entire output of
CVX_SETUP in your support request.

Is there problem in java?

How can I resolve this problem?

Is this actually a warning, and not an error?

I got this error when I added CVX to my path before running cvx_setup. Try removing cvx from your path and then running it.

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Yesterday I installed CVX Version 2.1, Build 1123 (cff5298) on Matlab 2017b on OSX 10.10.5. narginchk was installed in cvx/lib/narginchk_/ and mirrors the Matlab version. As mentioned elsewhere this caused a malfunction in the legend function.

Renaming the CVX version of narginchk and restarting Matlab appears to resolve the legend problem.

If the cvx_setup code was supposed to detect the conflict and avoid it then something about cvx_setup isn’t working on my configuration.