How to install gurobi_2

Hi, I’ve installed gurobi but it seems that I can not install gurobi_2. Any ideas about this?

Setting CVX paths…already set!
Searching for solvers…5 shims found.
4 solvers initialized (* = default):
Gurobi 9.00 {cvx}\gurobi\w64
Mosek 9.1.9 {cvx}\mosek\w64

  • SDPT3 4.0 {cvx}\sdpt3
    SeDuMi 1.3.4 {cvx}\sedumi
    2 solvers skipped:
    Could not find a GLPK installation.
    Gurobi_2 unknown C:\gurobi1000\win64\matlab
    result = gurobi(model, params)
    Saving updated preferences…done.
    Testing with a simple model…done!

To change the default solver, type “cvx_solver <solver_name>”.
To save this change for future sessions, type “cvx_save_prefs”.
Please consult the users’ guide for more information.

I’m not sure GUrobi 10 is compatible with CVX.

Thanks for your answer. It seems that my gurobi version is 9 and I still want to know how to install gurobi_2? Could you give some ideas? It’s really imporant to me. Thanks!!

What specific version of Gurboi do you want to use, such as 10.0.0 or 9.5.2? Gurobi_2 is a CVX identifier specifying that it is the 2nd version of GurobiCVX found.

Make sure the version of Gurobi you want is in you MATLAN path. Then run cvx_setup. Each version of Gurobi in the MATLAB path should hopefully be listed under cvx_solver . If not, you are pretty much on your own with Gurobi. I don’t think people here can offer much help. There have been bugs in the CVX-Gurobi interface.