How to generate cvx code of If-else constraints

please help me
I have a problem as assume

variable f1 integer
variable f2 integer
variable x binary

I want to

if f1>f2

I can use gurobi as cvx_slover, but I can’t generate this model?
please advise me,

I am afraid I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish, so I can’t help.

You can use the Big M method to formulate this.
Assume f1-f2 can be bounded by numerical constants M1 and M2, such that

-M1+1 <= f1-f2 <= M2

then your desired conditional constraint can be expressed as

f2-f1 <= M1*(1-x)-1
f1-f2 <= M2*x

Note that your values of M1 and M2 need not be tight, but the tighter they are, the easier the problem may be to solve.