How to find min() inside the CVX

How to find minimum of sequences of numbers inside the CVX. Is it same as min (as used outside the CVX in MATALB)? eg., My objective is Objective=user_weight*(min(Rate_of_user_1, Rate_of_user_2, Rate_of_user-3)) ; maximize objective

min([Rate_of_user_1, Rate_of_user_2, Rate_of_user_3]) will work if all the arguments are concave (or affine). The min will then be concave.

min([Rate_of_user_1, Rate_of_user_2) would also work if the min were only of 2 things.

Hi Mark can you please help me correct this cvx code it’s been 3 week since i’m working on writing cvx code of power optimization and trajectory optimization, now in trajectory optimization i get this error, how should i fix it?
please see the picture and tell me something, i really need help. Thank you so much.