How to express accumulation expression in CVX


I’m just learning to use CVX and I meet an accumulation expression , but I can’t express it in CVX , how can I solve it?

Could you help me to handle this problem?
Thanks in advance

CVX allows use of sum.

CVX also allows use of for loops. For instance,

F =  0;
for i=1:Ft
  for n=1:N
    for j=1:i
       F = F + <whatever>;

Thanks,and I find that my error is {negative constant} ./ {convex}.Because I meet the sub expression like 1/(1+p*a),p is the variable what I want to solve,a is the constant. This expression is derived from diff.
How can I handle this problem.
Thanks in advance.

If the denominator is always positive, you can use inv_pos(1+p*a). I have no idea how, if at all, that relates to the formulas in your first post (for which is it not clear what is input data and what are optimization variables, nor which superscripts are powers as opposed to being index superscripts).

You should carefully read the CVX Users’ Guide. as well as Why isn't CVX accepting my model? READ THIS FIRST! . In particular, you should first prove that your optimizartion problem is convex before trying to use CVX to solve it.

Thanks for your answer ,I think I need to read the CVX Users’ Guide carefully.