How to export MPS Files in cvx

Hello, it shows “root relaxation: bounded” and stop running when I use cvx with gurobi to solve the milp.
I have no idea where the problem occur actually. So I have to output the mps file to please somebody help me. Please tell me the command.

I don’t think there is a way to export MPS files from CVX.

Then, what other ways can I use to complete the work of outputting model??

I think the options below are as close as you are going to get.

help cvx_solver_settings

cvx_solver_settings( ‘dumpfile’, ) is a setting supported by
all solvers. If set, it will save a .MAT file containing the exact
input arguments delivered to the solver. This file will be created
immediately before the solver is called, so you will be able to examine
their contents even if the solver fails with an error. This feature is
to be used primarily by solver developers.

Whether that will suit your needs for Gurobi is for you to determine.

Note that you can use cvx_solver_settings to set Gurobi options accessible from its MATLAB interface.

If Mosek is specified as the solver, you can save the Mosek task file with
cvx_solver_settings('write', 'dump.task.gz')

Thank you,I will try.