How to do matrix inverse in CVX

My MATLAB code is as follows:
w_hat(:,j) = pinv(H_int + N_0 * eye(Nt)) * h(:,j,i);
The variable is addressed to H_int.
However, some errors occured when I ran the code, shown as below:
"Undefined function or method ‘svd’ for input arguments of type ‘cvx’."
I guess it must be illegal to use pinv for a variable in CVX.
So how can I express matrix inverse operation in CVX?

It depends on what you need to do with the inverse. For instance, matrix_frac is available, and it reformulates behind the scenes to an SDP, via Schur complement as you can see in this code segment from matrix_frac

elseif cvx_isaffine( x ) && cvx_isaffine( Y ),

    n = size( x, 1 );
    z = [];
        epigraph variable z
        [Y x; x' z] == semidefinite( n+1 ); %#ok

If the matrix inverse appears in an inherently non-convex way, you will not be able to formulate it in a manner which CVX will accept.

You can get some ideas from chapters 4 and 5 of .

If matrix_frac does what you need, you can use that. Otherwise, you’ll have to reformualte your problem in a way which does not explicitly involve the inverse of a matrix which is a CVX variable or expression.

Please, please, please read the FAQ. If you understand its contents, you will know that you should not have even tried to use the pinv function. Here is a list of accepted functions.

I see. Thank you.
I will check my optimization problem