How to deal with this model in cvx?

i’m a newer, and read ‘the cvx users’ guide’, i found the given examples are presented in vector and matrix form. i dont know whether other forms can be used in cvx, because my optimization model is
link text
the objective function and contraints are not vector and matrix form, so i don’t know how to deal with it. i tried to transform my optimization model into vector and matrix form ,but it’s not a convex problem in vextor and matrix form. what should i do? please help me

I frankly doubt that this problem is even convex; and if it is not, CVX simply cannot solve it. In particular, if v(f) are among the variables, then the constraints are definitely not convex.

thank you for your help, my problem is how to code the objective function in cvx, i knew the objective function is concave, however, the objective function is neither convex nor concave if i transformed it into vector form