How to access LSE parameters for GP?

I am working with a quite complex geometric programming (GP) model. For small problem sizes, the successive approximation GP solver works fine, but for larger instances, it fails. I would like to use another interface so that I can take advantage of all the MOSEK features, but the others I have tried (YALMIP, gpkit, GGPLAB) are not memory-efficient enough to create the expressions I need. CVX, on the other hand, produces the necessary expressions very efficiently.

Is it possible to extract the coefficients of the log-sum-exp models created by CVX and to save them to be used by another program? I cannot see a way to get at the coefficients in CVX expressions.


I’m glad to hear CVX has some advantages even for geometric programs, but I am afraid there is no way to do what you are asking.


Thanks for you quick reply. That’s too bad—would have been really helpful. Is there any other way to get the parameters of the LSE functions that you know of, besides a computer algebra system?