How do I include equations in forum posts?

Thanks to the wonderful MathJax plugin, it is very easy to embed equations into CVX Forum posts. Support for most LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX constructs are included.

To embed an inline equation, just surround the equation in dollar signs. For example, typing $x+y\leq z$ yields x+y\leq z.

Centered equations are supported as well by surrounding them with two dollar signs. For instance:

\begin{array}{ll} \text{minimize}&c^Tx\\ \text{subject to} &Ax=b\\ &x\geq 0 \end{array}

When editing a post, a live preview window will show you how the equations render, so you can confirm that what you intend will show in the final post. However, once you have submitted your post, you may find that MathJax does not render the equations, leaving the raw source code on screen. Just refresh your browser to see the results.

@mcg, It seems the forum won’t render it as Math.

Could this feature be restored?

Thank You.

Hmm, I’m seeing the MathJax rendering without issue on multiple browsers. Can you try clearing your cache and/or refreshing your browser a couple of times?


I’m on the latest Chrome (51) and from 3 different computers I can’t see the math in the post above.

Thank You.