How can i solve the min-max convex optimization question

my code is shown in below:

close all;
N = 6; %number of array elements
c = 3e8;
fc = 24e9;
lambda = c/fc;
d = lambda/2;
theta = [-pi/2:pi/30:-pi/6,pi/6:pi/30:pi/2];
n = 0:N-1;
a = exp(-1i*2*pi*d/lambda.*n'.*sin(theta));
theta_t = 0;
theta_j = pi/3;
at = exp(-1i*2*pi*d/lambda.*n*sin(theta_t)).';
aj = exp(-1i*2*pi*d/lambda.*n*sin(theta_j)).';
    variable u(N,1) complex
    subject to
        u'*at ==N;
        u'*aj == 0.5*N;

What is your question? You seem to have a program which roughly corresponds to the problem statement. I defer to you on the details of indexing, creation of input data, etc. For instance, I don’t know what happened to the 1 on the right-hand side of equation (5).

It runs and produces the same optimal objective value, 3, using 4 different solvers.

i have solve this problem. thank you very much

how do you solve it?I also meet this problem

@Little_student What exactly is the difficulty you encountered on what problem?

Can you provide code for this

I also encountered this problem while trying to optimize the antenna radiation pattern. Can you help me to solve this problem?