How can I find the exact version of CVX and MOSEK

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How can I find the exact version of CVX and MOSEK which are installed on my MATLAB? Is there any command in MATLAB to do that?

How one can make sure that CVX or MOSEK have been installed correctly? Are there some specific commands to check that?

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shows CVX and MATLAB version, among other things

shows the installed solver versions available under CVX, and shows which is the default. That will also show the installed Mosek versions available under CVX.

standalone Mosek information, including whether it is correctly installed for MATLAB, but doesn’t directly tell you what is installed under CVX.

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Thanks a lot.

I have another question. I am not sure that I can ask here.

I did a search but I could not find something. Is there any requirement or preference of MATALAB’ version to handle MOSEK 9 or current CVX toolbox?

I am preparing a repeatability package and I want to guide the installer in a good way to not get confused.



The Optimization Toolbox for MATLAB can be used with MATLAB version R2015a or newer on all 64-bit platforms.

I have not heard of any problems running CVX 2.2 with any MATLAB versions R2015a or newer under WINDOWS. Things might be a little more precarious under Mac.

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Thanks, and what about LINUX Ubuntu?

The last time I ran CVX under Ubuntu, or any Linux, was 6 years ago. There have not been many recent reports on this forum of experience using CVX under Ubuntu one way or another.

Nevrtheless, Linux version of CVX2.2 can be downloaded, and I haven’t seem any complaints. So I don’t know of any difficulties. But I haven’t verified there aren’t any.

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Thanks for the informative information

You can find plenty of documentation about Mosek at

and in particular chapter 4 at

might be relevant to you.

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