How can I deal with the inequality?


The inequality is one of my constrain.How can I write the inequality?
two variables are both marked yellow.
Thank you for your help !

It is not convex generally, so it cann’t be done. But if a > b>0, p>0, t>0,Q>0, then yes, the log()-log() stuff is concave and can be expressed with a rel_entr(), t will be on the right hand side of the inequality and becomes Q*inv_pos(t). For details about using them, you can check

Thank you very much!
I will have a try.


if I add a variable which is marked green,how can I deal with it ?(three variables ,it is marked green and yellow)

I have a try,as shown in the following picture, but the first expression l/t seems not concave.


Not everything in the world is convex. I don’t know this one. This book might help. By the way, please show your complete formulated problem if you don’t mind. Other true experts here might help you.

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it’s OK ,and thank you again!