Help Illegal operation: pow_p( {convex}, {-1} )

i don’t know what happened to this bug, i need to calculate (belta / l1_0), belta and W0 are constant . if this usage is wrong what should i use to represent belta / l1_0

The argument of inv_pos must be concave or affine. Youra is not.

help inv_pos

inv_pos Reciprocal of a positive quantity.
inv_pos(X) returns 1./X if X is positive, and +Inf otherwise.
X must be real.

 For matrices and N-D arrays, the function is applied to each element.

  Disciplined convex programming information:
      inv_pos is convex and nonincreasing; therefore, when used in CVX
      specifications, its argument must be concave (or affine).

I don’t know whether your problem can be reformulated, because you don’t show how g1 and g2 are to be used. Perhaps l1 and l2 can be multiplied out to be in the numerator of an inequality? Perhaps not.

i need to use belta/l1_0 that can’t be replaced and this formula is convex ,could you tell me how to deal this problem ,thanks for your reply

Please show us your convexity proof. if I had a dime for every incorrect claim of convexity on this forum, i wouldn’t be rich, but I would have quite a few dollars.