Gurobi solver with academic licence

Hi there,

I have just obtained and installed my academic license (thanks for that!). Installation went smoothly, except that the Gurobi solver was not included:

EDU>> cvx_setup c:\cvx\cvx_license.dat

Searching for solvers...4 shims found.
3 solvers initialized (* = default):
    Mosek    {cvx}\mosek
 *  SDPT3    4.0         {cvx}\sdpt3
    SeDuMi   1.34cvx     {cvx}\sedumi
1 solver skipped:
    Gurobi   unknown     {cvx}\gurobi
        No valid Gurobi license was found. (Please note that this
        license is *not the same* as the CVX license; it must be
        obtained directly from Gurobi Optimization.) If you do have
        a Gurobi license, the the Gurobi MEX file could not find it.
        Please consult the Gurobi documentation for assistance.

Other possibly useful info from the installation message:

CVX, version 2.0 (beta)                        (c) 2012, CVX Research, Inc.
Software for Disciplined Convex Programming
Version info:
    Code: build 1023, 2013-12-03 11:04:38
    Documentation: build 994, 2013-07-24 10:54:53
Installation info:
    Path: c:\cvx
    MATLAB version: 8.1 (R2013a)
    OS: Windows 7 x86 version 6.1
    Java version: 1.6.0_17
Installing license:
    Status: verified

Gurobi subdirectory is present in my installation. Notice also that my Matlab license is a student one.

Any idea?

Many thanks in advance!

Do you have a Gurobi license?

No, neither a Mosek one. Is it necessary?

… yes, I just checked the relevant webpages - I need also a separate Gurobi license. Thanks, and apologies for the disturbance…