Get solver cpu time

Hi everyone,
My name is Stefano and I’m a student from University of Ferrara, Italy.
I’m using cvx to solve some problems (convex/MILP) for a class and I’ve seen that it is simply fantastic for rapid typesetting!

I would like to measure cpu time needed to the SOLVER (Actually, i’m using a student license of gurobi) in order to accomplish his tasks. I think that the variable cvx_cputime also takes into account the “formulation” time needed by cvx in order to build the model for gurobi, but i would like to know the “resolution” time only. Is this possible?

I’ve tried to solve this question by my self but without success. In the “cvx_end.m” file there exist an array of timers [row 259-260]but i have no idea of their meaning (they also seems uncorrelated to the cvx_cputime variable).

Thank you in advance,

This is a popular question.

I’m sorry, I didn’t see this answer. Anyway, thank you very much for your help!