Fatal problem for Mosek solver in CVX! *Erling D. Andersen's answer

Recently, I met a problem, which suggests contacting the mosek support. The error message is displayed as follows.

MOSEK fatal error stopenv.
Version :
Platform: Windows/64-X86
File : src\homo\intpntco.c
Line : 5108
Msg. : Assertion failed at src\homo\intpntco.c(5108).
Please report this message to support@mosek.com.

Erling D. Andersen (Mosek Aps)

Aug 9, 10:01 CEST

I suggest you upgrade to latest version 8.1. If the problem persist, then please get back.

It might be the latest version 7.1 solves the problem but we recommend using version 8.1.



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While I use the CVX in matlab to solve the problem, the mosek solver (with professional license) is embedded.

I checked on that the current mosek solver is 7.0 as shown on CVX website: http://cvxr.com/cvx/mosek/

May I know how to repalce the mosek solver with the latest version?

Erling D. Andersen suggests asking the problem here. Thanks.

I think you have to uninstall MOSEK 7, then install MOSEK 8.1, and make sure the MATLAB path is correct for MOSEK (I think you will need to update the MATLAB path, at least if MOSEK is installed in the default location under Windows). Run mosekdiag to check the MOSEK installation under MATLAB (I don’t think you need to worry about any fusion warnings).

I am not sure whether you need to reinstall CVX after installing MOSEK 8.1, but it wouldn’t hurt. and might be necessary.

Mr. Quentin, may i request you to send your code regarding successive convex approximation, i have the same problem which you have in Disciplined convex programming error:
Cannot perform the operation: {invalid} .* {real affine}, Have you solved this. Please help me to solve this, my objective function is
(Mn,an,bn are constant value, mu_n is nonnegative variable (10^-6) ,P(1,1) & P(2,1) are optimizing variable and gnx is array of 10 random value