Failed on one computer, Solved on another

cvx solver failed to solve my optimization problem(i.e., cvx_status=Failed). However,I run the cvx in another computer that is more powerful than the earlier one and the the optimization problem is solved (i.e., cvx_status=Solved). is that because of lack of enough memory in the earlier computer?

There’s no way to tell, since you did not provide us with the output. But of course, you did the right thing to try different computers. Did you also try different solvers?

thanks so much Michael. yes, I tried with Sedumi and SDPT3 solvers and both of solvers Failed to solve the optimization problem

Probably a memory issue. But again you haven’t offered any example output so there is no way to know for sure.

I also encounter the problems.

Well, neither of you have posted any detailed information about the model you are trying to solve or the outputs created by CVX, so there’s nothing we can do for you.