Error in installing cvx on mac

It’s my first time to install cvx on my Mac Pro (OS X EI Capitan Version 10.11.13, Matlab_R2014b) , but something is wrong when I initialised it. The error reads

cd ~/MATLAB/cvx
Error using cd
Cannot CD to /Users/wangyan_li/MATLAB/cvx (Name is nonexistent or not a directory)

How could I solve this problem?

It’s not clear to me how we can help. It says the “cvx” directory doesn’t exist. Presumably, that’s because it doesn’t. Perhaps you unpacked CVX in a different place. Regardless, my suggestion is you find someone nearby who is comfortable with the Mac, including a full knowledge of the Unix command line, to help you install.

Thanks for your answer, I have solved the problem with your suggestion, I find my friend @JiaoQiang who is familiar with mac folder structure, he suggested me to modified the code

cd ~/MATLAB/cvx


cd ~/Downloads/cvx

It works.