Error: Expressions in objective functions must be real


H and W are positive semidefinite matrix.
I don’t understand why I am getting these errors.
Can anyone help me?
Error using cvxprob/newobj
Expressions in objective functions must be real.

Error in maximize (line 21)
newobj( prob, ‘maximize’, x );

Error in sum_rate (line 56)
How can I handle this problem?

The roundoff level imaginary term cab be eliminated by

BTW, the statement W >= 0 is redundant, because W was already declared to be semidefinite.

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@Mark_L_Stone Thank you for your answer
Given that both matrices are in the form A*(A_hermitian), by using real(), will I not lose my information in the objective function?

my code:

cvx_begin sdp
    variable W(N,N) complex semidefinite
    subject to
      for i = 1:N
         trace(B(:,:,i)*W) == 1

No. But ultimately it is your problem, not mine. So you have to decide if it suits your purpose.

I corrected minimize to maximize in my preceding post.

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Hi, jangalok. The trace of matrix H*W is generally a complex value; therefore, you must clarify which part you need to maximize (real, imaginary, or modulo).