ERROR: Cannot perform the operation: {concave} ./ {real affine}

I tried reading the previous responses to people with the same problem, but it did not help me a lot. I believe the problem is convex (maximizing a concave function subject to linear constraints) so I don’t think that is a problem here.
The code:

> cvx_begin
> cvx_solver mosek
> variable pUL(5,30)
> expression objective
> ULUtility=cvx(zeros(5,30));
>  for j=1:5
>         for sc=1:30
>            if round(W(i,j,sc))==1
>               ULUtility(i,sc)=((10/log(10))*log(pUL(i,sc)*BS_antenna_gain*UE_antenna_gain*X(Mobile_user(I).ID,t)./(A*(sigma_2+(pDL1(j,sc)/SIC)))))/(pUL(i,sc)*UE_antenna_gain*UE_antenna_gain*Y(Mobile_user(J).ID,t)./D);
>            else
>               ULUtility(i,sc)=0;
>            end
>         end
>      end 
> objective=sum(sum(ULUtility));
>               maximize (objective)
>               subject to
>               sum(pUL(i,:))<=0.25;
>               for sc=1:N_sc 
>                   if sum(W(i,:,sc))==1
>                      pUL(i,sc)>=0.001;
>                   end
>               end
>              pUL(i,isc)>=0.01;
>               cvx_end

eh it’s not clean but all the non-optimization values in this equation are defined. The problem is obviously with the Objective (sum of ULUtility). But idek

Have you proven that


is concave? If so, how? If it is concave, it will require a reformulation in order to be enterded into CVX in accordance with its DCP rules/

Thank you ! I did find the problem :confused: it’s bad