''Disciplined convex programming error: Illegal operation: exp( {affine} ).''

I got this error
’‘Disciplined convex programming error: Illegal operation: exp( {affine} ).’’ how can I fix it? y1 is complex and a,p are real.

cvx_begin sdp
variables a(n,1) p(n,1)
expression hh

Disciplined convex programming information:
exp(X) is convex and nondecreasing in X. When used in CVX
expressions, X must be real. Typically, X must also be affine
or convex; X can also be concave, but this produces a log-concave
result with very limited usefulness.

If X is complex, how can I express exp(X)? Thank you!

You’ll have to deal separately with the real and imaginary parts. And deal with each of these in accordance with CVX;s rules. If it’s even possible to do so and end up with convex (or concave) expressions.

So until you show usage to the contrary, let’s just say it is non-convex.