Disciplined convex programming error: Cannot perform the operation: {real affine} ./ {convex}

Recently,I’m coding but I meet the problem:
Disciplined convex programming error:
Cannot perform the operation: {real affine} ./ {convex}

My code is shown as following,I don’t know where is wrong, and I’m very confused now

2real(p_1ini’(h_1*h_1’)p_1)-pow_pos(abs(h_1’p_1ini),2)phi_p1./phi_p1ini >= SNR_p1; % 17(a)
h_2’)p_2)-pow_pos(abs(h_2’p_2ini),2)phi_p2./phi_p2ini >= SNR_p2;
h_1’)p_c)-pow_pos(abs(h_1’p_cini),2)phi_c1./phi_c1ini >= omega_c1; % 17(b) 2real(p_cini’(h_2h_2’)*p_c)-pow_pos(abs(h_2’*p_cini),2)*phi_c2./phi_c2ini >= omega_c2;

These four are CVX limitations,where
h_1 = sqrt(theta_x^2)randn(4,1) + 1isqrt(theta_x^2)randn(4,1)/sqrt(2);
h_2 = sqrt(beta
theta_y^2)randn(4,1) + 1isqrt(beta*theta_y^2)*randn(4,1)/sqrt(2);
h_12 = sqrt(theta_z^2)randn() + 1isqrt(theta_z^2)*randn()/sqrt(2);
h_si = sqrt(Omega_SIdBm)randn() + 1isqrt(Omega_SIdBm)*randn()/sqrt(2);

phi_p1ini = pow_pos(abs(h_1'*p_2),2)+pow_pos(abs(h_si),2).*P_12+1;
phi_p2ini = pow_pos(abs(h_2'*p_1),2)+1;
phi_c1ini = pow_pos(abs(h_1'*p_1),2)+pow_pos(abs(h_1'*p_2),2)+pow_pos(abs(h_si),2).*P_12+1;
phi_c2ini = pow_pos(abs(h_2'*p_1),2)+pow_pos(abs(h_2'*p_2),2)+1;

The number to the right of the equation is the relaxation variable,please help me。

The forum readers don’t even know which of those symbols are CVX variables or expressions, input data, etc.

Your first task is to prove your optimization problem is convex. Otherwise, CVX is not the right tool for it.