Disciplined convex programming error: Cannot minimize a(n) invalid expression.

cvx_begin quiet
variables p(UE,AP)
expression ta_2(UE,AP)
ta_1 = 0;
for m = 1:UE
for j = 1:N
for k = 1:AP
if map_UE_AP(m,k)~=0
if k<=BS+UAV
ta_2(m,k) = prob_f(j)(map_UE_AP(m,k)/AP_UE_BW(k,m))BUE_fK(j,k)(inv_pos(-rel_entr(1,pow_p(10,(p(m,k)-pathloss_dB(m,k)-SINR_N_dB)/1000)))/log(2))+prob_f(j)tp(m,k);
%ta_2(m,k)= prob_f(j)
(map_UE_AP(m,k)/AP_UE_BW(k,m))(BUE_fK(j,k)(inv_pos(log(1+pow_p(10,(p(m,k)-pathloss_dB(m,k)-SINR_N_dB)/1000)))/log(2)))+prob_f(j)tp(m,k); %m从k获得j的部分
ta_2(m,k) = prob_f(j)
%ta_2(m,k) = prob_f(j)
(map_UE_AP(m,k)/AP_UE_BW(k,m))(BUE_fK(j,k)*(inv_pos(log(1+pow_p(10,(p(m,k)-10)/1000)))/log(2)))+prob_f(j)*tp(m,k); %m从k获得j的部分
ta_1 = ta_1+max(ta_2(m,:));

        tt1 = ta_1 + Tbh;
        P = sum(p);
        subject to
        0<= p(:,1:BS) <=pms.BS_power_dBm;
        0<= p(:,BS+1:BS+UAV) <=pms.UAV_power_dBm;
        0<= p(:,BS+UAV+1:end) <=pms.BS_power_dBm;
        0<= P(1:BS) <=pms.BS_power_dBm;
        0<= P(BS+1:BS+UAV) <=pms.UAV_power_dBm;
        0<= P(:,BS+UAV+1:end) <=pms.SAT_power_dBm;

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Likely one or both of ta_1 (which arises from ta_2) and Tbh are NaN, which CVX considers to be invalid. Look at their values prior to the minimize statement. The track back to which statements or input data caused the NaN.

Don’t use the `quiet option. Then you will see the solver and CVX output.

Are you calling CVX in a loop, such as SCA, in which the argmin from iteration is used as input to the next? if so, and one iteration fails due to being infeasible, unbounded, or solver encountering numerical difficulties, the CVX variables will be populated with NaN, which can then result in some input data being NaN` in the next CVX iteration.

Thank you so much! I made a stupid mistake, which caused the function rel_entr() output negative.
Just as you guess, I do call CVX in a loop. Thanks again!