Different coefficient for variable in positive or negative state

I want to code so that if my variable is positive, it’s multiplied by price1. However, if it’s negative, it’s multiplied by price2. Is that possible? How?

 cvx_begin ;
              cvx_solver Mosek 
                    variable pch(10,24)
             minimize (pch*price1+pch*price2)

I understand that defining two variables, pch and pdis, and implementing the code as shown below is possible, but adding binary values can result in longer computation times

 cvx_begin ;
              cvx_solver Mosek 
                    variable z(12,2) binary
                    variable p(10,24)
             minimize (*z(:,1)*pch*price1+*z(:,2)*pdis*price2)
subject to
sum(z,2) <= 1

That is non-convex, so there’s no way around introducing a binary.

Note that = is for assignment to an expression on the LHS, whereas == is for an equality constraint.