CVXPY DMCP (Disciplined Multi-Convex Programming) ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'dmcp'

I have installed CVXPY package through Anaconda distribution (on windows)
using – conda install -c conda-forge cvxpy
and when i run the example code of DMCP which has given in

it is giving this error

File “”, line 2, in import dmcp

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘dmcp’.

This is the wrong forum for cvxpy questions.

You can ask CVXPY questions at!forum/cvxpy .

To make it short, it means that you lacked some “dependencies” for the libraries you wanted to use. This is a common problem when installing python packages, mainly in windows. Before trying to use any kind of library, first it is suggested to look up whether it needs another library in python “family”.

The solution is to provide the python interpreter with the path-to-your-module/library. The simplest solution is to append that python path to your sys.path list. In your notebook, first try:

import sys

This isn’t a permanent change in sys.path, because when you log out, your environment is reset, so any variables you may have set are lost.

The better (and more permanent) way to solve this is to set your PYTHONPATH, which provides the interpreter with additional directories look in for python packages/modules.

from BASH type: export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/new/folder:/another/path/...../

#each path must be separated by a colon