CVX tool doubt...Objective function not scalar

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x=randi([0 1], M, N);

H=[0.2399 0.1839;0.1233 0.2400];

[U, S, V]= svd(H);

transmittedsignal = x.*V’.*H;

SNR11 = abs(U(1,1)*H(1,1))/((abs(U(2,1)*H(2,1)))+abs(U(1,2)*H(1,2))+abs(U(2,2)*H(2,2)));

SNR12= abs(U(1,2)*H(1,2))/abs(U(1,1)*H(1,1))+(abs(U(2,1)*H(2,1)))+abs(U(2,2)*H(2,2));

SNR21 = (abs(U(2,1)*H(2,1))/(abs(U(1,2)*H(1,2))+abs(U(1,1)*H(1,1))+abs(U(2,2)*H(2,2))));

SNR22 = abs(U(2,2)*H(2,2))/((abs(U(1,1)*H(1,1)))+abs(U(1,2)*H(1,2))+abs(U(2,1)*H(2,1)));

SNR = [SNR11 SNR12;SNR21 SNR22];







variable x(n);




this is the error that I am getting…Can anyone please help me with this… I am new to this CVX tool…Thanks in Advance

You haven’t provided the value of n.

SNR is a 2 by 2 matrix, so if n = 2, the objective function sqrt9x)*SNR would consist of a 2 by 1 vector, multiplied by a 2 by 2 matrix, which has incompatible dimensions and would trigger an error message. That is because
variable x(n) declares x to be an n by 1 vector.

If instead you had
variable x(1,n) with n = 2, then the objective function would be a 1 by 2 vector, times a 2 by 2 matrix, which is a 1 by 2 vector, which is not a scalar, therefore triggering the CVX error message
Your objective function is not a scalar.

If n = 1, the objective function is a 2 by2 matrix, which also isn’t a scalar, and would generate the same error message.

CVX objective function must evaluate to a real scalar. That is the only type of optimization CVX knows. You need to formulate an optimization problem having a real scalar objective function.