Cvx_status is **Solved**

Hello, everyone !
q(2*N) is the optimization variable. After optimizing by CVX, cvx_status is Solved and q( : , n ) is [0 ; 60] .
So, I want to know how to deal with this problem?

Part of my code as follows:

你是在做无人机的优化吗, 看着很像是在写一个无人机最大速度的约束

Yes, q is the UAV trajectory

Please show the complete program, preferably with all input data. Clearly state what the difficulty is.

Note that if q is an expression, not a CVX variable, its value after cvx_end might not be the “optimal” value. if you want to know the optimal value of an expression, after cvx_end, you have to calculate the expression value starting from CVX variable values (all of which are at their optimal value after cvx_end).