CVX problem processing in 3D reconstruction

As a student learning CVX problems for the first time, I need help when I meet a problem about 3D reconstruction.
Extract K=11 points of J=12 images as data.
Known data:
11 points in the two-dimensional coordinate P_2D_k homogeneous (4 * 1 vector), camera matrix K (3 * 3 matrix), posture data [R_j | t_j] (4 * 4 matrix)
The scale factor S_j of each image, and the three-dimensional coordinate P_3D_k of each point (4*1 homogeneous vector)
Do you have any ideas on CVX modeling?

It is your responsibility to come up with a convex optimization problem. if you do, the forum readers might be able to help you with any difficulty formulating and running it in CVX.