CVX optimization problem for matrix sparse

I have a minimize problem and the cvx code is followed as:

r_sv is M**T and A_tild is MnJ and S_sv_tild is nJT .

pleas Help me for write Equation 19 with cvx.

Hi .
I am new to optimization and am looking to implement this paper 17. using cvx in matlab. The optimization equations are given up.
My code is given below:
cvx_begin quiet
variables s_hat(length(F3)p1,1)
expression s_tild(p1
for k = 1:p1
s_tild(k,1) =norm(s_hat(k:p1:k+(p1*(length(F3)-1))),2);

minimize norm(s_hat,1)
subject to
norm(r_sv-A_tild*s_hat,2)<= 10

tru or false?