CVX Installation error in MATLAB

I’m trying to install cvx( in Matlab 9.4(R2018a) for student projects. I followed the instruction for installation in the website. When i run cvx_setup command inside cvx folder in matlab, I’m getting these errors. I’m using Ubuntu 16.04.

Undefined function or variable ‘cvx_begin_set’.

Error in lorentz (line 90)

Error in cvx/norm (line 74)
{ x, z } == lorentz( n, [], ~isreal( x ) );

Error in cvx_setup (line 256)
minimize( norm(A*x-b) );

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried installing CVX 2.1 instead?

Thanks for the response. I couldn’t find 2.1 version in the site. Also i’m a student, i’m looking for free solvers.

Thanks. I looked at the same page. In free solvers version there are 2 options. I tried both. Also when i click on the header “Download CVX”, nothing is happening.

I downloaded under free solvers. After running ‘cvx_setup’, it shows this error.

Installation info:
Path: /home/chinmay/Desktop/cvx
MATLAB version: 9.4 (R2018a)
OS: Linux amd64 version 4.13.0-39-generic
Java version: 1.8.0_144
Verfying CVX directory contents:
No missing files.
Path: /home/chinmay/.matlab/cvx_prefs.mat
UNEXPECTED ERROR: ------------------------------------------------
Previously accessible file
"/home/chinmay/Desktop/cvx/cvx_license.p" is now inaccessible.
Error in cvx_version (line 311)
cvx_license( args{:} );
Error in cvx_setup (line 20)
cvx_version( ‘-install’, varargin{:} );