CVX install in Matlab 2023b (Apple Silicon)

Hi, I have download the new version of Matlab natively support for Apple Silicon, i.e., 2023b for Apple Silicon. However, it seems I cannot install a CVX. Specifically, when I run ‘cvx_setup’, I have the following error report.

CVX: Software for Disciplined Convex Programming       (c)2014 CVX Research
Version 2.2, Build 1148 (62bfcca)                  Tue Jan 28 00:51:35 2020
Installation info:
    Path: /Users/mingchengnie/CVX_Fold/cvx
    MATLAB version: 23.2 (R2023b)
    OS: Mac OS X aarch64 version 14.0
    Java version: 1.8.0_392
Verfying CVX directory contents:
    WARNING: The following files/directories are missing:
    These omissions may prevent CVX from operating properly.
    ERROR: one or more MEX files for this platform are missing.
    These files end in the suffix ".mexmaca64". CVX will not operate
    without these files. Please visit
    And download a distribution targeted for your platform.
    Path: /Users/mingchengnie/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/MATLAB/cvx_prefs.mat
    UNEXPECTED ERROR: ------------------------------
    Unrecognized function or variable 'command_str'.
    Error in cvx_license
    Error in cvx_license
    Error in cvx_version (line 309)
            cvx_license( args{:} );
    Error in cvx_setup (line 20)
        cvx_version( '-install', varargin{:} );
Please report this error to support, and include entire output of
CVX_SETUP in your support request.

Anyone has the same issue or is there any solution to solve it?

This was already discussed a few times.

There is no, and maybe there never will be, a native release of CVX for M1.

So the solution is to install the Matlab release for Apple Intel CPUs and use CVX in that.

See Installing CVX on ARM-architecture Macs-- any known issues? - #3 by goku

Update. There now is a native release of CVX for M1, as described, and with download link, in Announcement: CVX for Apple Silicon