Cvx for MAXDET problem

I am using CVX to solve MAXDET problem.
The same code, sometimes i get the result. But sometimes i get error below. Could you please help me with this?

Error: File: mybicgstab.m Line: 48 Column: 9
"p" previously appeared to be used as a function or command, conflicting with
its use here as the name of a variable.
A possible cause of this error is that you forgot to initialize the
variable, or you have initialized it implicitly using load or eval.

Error in ==> HKMcorr at 29
[xx,resnrm,solve_ok] = mybicgstab(coeff,rhs,L,[],[],printlevel);

Error in ==> sqlpmain at 446
[dX,dy,dZ] = HKMcorr(blk,At,par,rp,Rd,sigmu,hRd,…

Error in ==> sqlp at 242
[obj,X3,y,Z3,info,runhist] = …

Error in ==> cvx_run_solver at 46
[ varargout{1:nargout} ] = sfunc( inputs{:} );

Error in ==> cvx_sdpt3>solve at 355
[ obj, xx, y, zz, info ] = cvx_run_solver( @sqlp, blk, Avec, Cvec, b, OPTIONS,
‘obj’, ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’, ‘info’, settings, 5 ); %#ok

Error in ==> cvxprob.solve at 242
[ x, status, tprec, iters2, y, z ] = shim.solve( [ At, Anew2 ], [ b ;
bnew ], c, cones, true, prec, solv.settings );

Error in ==> cvx_end at 79
solve( prob );

Check if you have redefined the variable name “P” as the error said. Maybe there is a coincidence that your code is right when p just satisfies the requirement, but actually it is defined somewhere else. Just check if you have multiple usages with the same name p.

What happens if you use SeDuMi instead of SDPT3?

Yes, I think this is likely to be the problem: there is a function named ‘p’ defined somewhere in the path.