Cvx error using with Mosek

When I use mosek with matlab, I find that mosek generate many text file in my folder, and i couldn’t understand why? The content in the file looks like this, and there are thousands of them. I haven’t found similar error on this bing research.

Header: MOSEK memory task debugging.

File opened: Sat May 18 15:54:51 2024

Free #2 at 0000017E2CB39EC0 of size 0:0:0:31 (0:0:0:448) in file ‘src\mosek\mosek.c(862)’
Alloc #3 at 0000017E334FAB20 of size 0:0:9:928 (0:0:0:448 ) in file ‘src\mosek\mosek.c(871)’.
Alloc #4 at 0000017E2CA7D2C0 of size 0:0:0:56 (0:0:10:352 ) in file ‘src\cpub\dtoaenv.c(524)’.
Alloc #5 at 0000017E3B76E9A0 of size 0:0:0:512 (0:0:10:408 ) in file ‘src\cpub\dtoaenv.c(525)’.
Alloc #6 at 0000017E3EA58140 of size 0:0:7:232 (0:0:10:920 ) in file ‘src\cpub\dtoaenv.c(526)’.
Alloc #7 at 0000017E245E7440 of size 0:0:0:600 (0:0:18:128 ) in file ‘src\cpub\bufenv.c(176)’.
Alloc #8 at 0000017E83266AC0 of size 0:0:260:0 (0:0:18:728 ) in file ‘src\cpub\bufenv.c(191)’.
Alloc #9 at 0000017E245E6EA0 of size 0:0:0:600 (0:0:278:728 ) in file ‘src\cpub\bufenv.c(176)’.
Alloc #10 at 0000017E85BE5040 of size 0:0:260:0 (0:0:279:304 ) in file ‘src\cpub\bufenv.c(191)’.
Alloc #11 at 0000017E0013E340 of size 0:0:0:816 (0:0:539:304 ) in file ‘src\math\mathenvcpu.c(434)’.
Alloc #12 at 0000017E2CB39AC0 of size 0:0:0:32 (0:0:540:96 ) in file ‘src\cpub\utf8bld.c(15)’.

It is some debug information that normally should not appear. It can be enabled by turning on some debug flag. Really weird.

Which version of Mosek do you use?

mosek 10.1. I didn’t turn on any debug flag :joy:,

The complete version number would useful. I mean the x in


We will investigate it on Tuesday when back from a national holiday in any case.

I investigated the code. This should not happen if you use Mosek version 10.1.36.