CVX binary variable declaration problem

i am trying to solve the below code using cvx. my variables are a and b which will be stored in L_ac and L_de as required. but it seems like it’s not doing so, and i am getting inf optimized value and NaN for variables. did i declare the variables worng? Anyone can help?
%Initialization of ac and de set
L_ac= ones(L,1);
L_de= zeros(L,1);
cvx_solver mosek
variable a(L, 2) binary % status of ap l in t_c and t_c+t_s time
variable b(L) binary % Serving set of AP
for l = 1:L
L_ac(l) >= a(l, 1); % If a(l, 1) == 1, then L_ac(l) must be 1
L_de(l) >= 1 - a(l, 1); % If a(l, 1) == 0, then L_de(l) must be 1
1 <= b(l) <= L_ac(l); % b(l) is 1 when L_ac(l) == 1
*rest of the code for obj and constraint (if needed i can add)

it sounds like Mosek/CVX determined the problem is infeasible.All but section 1 of Debugging infeasible models - YALMIP also applies to CVX.

If you need additional help, you should show the complete reproducible code, with all input data, if possible, and all CVX and solver output.