CVX antenna example

When I TRIED TO RUN THE FIRST sample CODE OF CVX,Minimize beamwidth of an array with arbitrary 2-D geometry (ant_array_min_beamwidth.m),RUNNING a ONE-DIMENSIONAL LINEAR ARRAY, the code reported no error, but no result, does anyone know what happened?tips:I just change ARRAY_GEOMETRY

               ![图片|456x153](upload://6io6Nd3qDHgHivWuC0ffUKTtljv.png) ![QQ图片20220907125938|325x72](upload://lgwRHRLlJSVse6Xixt2ikFvydTP.png)

I presume you are referring to .

It ran successfully for me. If you want to see what happened, with CVX and the solver, remove quiet from the two instances of cvx_begin quiet

Show us the exact (CVX) error message. If you made changes to the code, show us exactly what you ran? Does it run without error when you run the code without any changes?

I D ran successful ly ?Sure?Isn’t it ran a result 50 and has no figure?

What is 5D? That is not listed as an option in the program.

1D means linear array

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There is a bug in the example. Try to reduce the theta range to [1:180]. It happens because for the 1D case the function has 2 maximums and CVX fails to minimize one of them as a sidelobe. You can also make it works by posing additional target constraints for the second maximum and excluding it from sidelobes.