Could not find "sedumi/.travis.yml" file

hello everybody
I faced with a warning when tried to install the cvx on windows:
warning: Could not find “sedumi/.travis.yml” file
while I downloaded latest version of cvx and mentioned file in in the related folder.

I think everyone gets this warning, and it appears to be harmless.

but when I try to install License, unfortunately the license file could not be find by the cvx.
I thought it is related to the first warning

my license has been generated and received 2 days ago and contains IDs of 2 PCs.
Unfortunately, the license file could not find and install by the cvx. what should I do?

What type of license and for what?

Academic license for using Musek solver

Did you place the license where you are supposed to for your operating system? Have you successfully used Mosek from MATLAB without CVX? What happens with mosekdiag ?

If you need any more help on this, I will have to defer to Mosek personnel (who read and post on this forum), or if it really turns out to be a CVX network license issue, perhaps you need to seek help from CVX support per .