Citing CVX

I want to cite CVX toolbox as my method of optimisation, but in a footnote. I have checked chapter thirteen of the CVX manual which gives the name of the corporation as CVX Research, Inc. However it doesn’t give any address or doesn’t mention state. As a footnote can I cite it like

CVX Version 2.0, developed by CVX Research Inc. California, US.

Or something else will be more appropriate?

First of all, thank you very much for citing CVX! We have created a citing page on the web site that provides suggested citations, including raw BibTeX source.

You’ll note that instead of “CVX Research, Inc.”, we propose that you cite us by our names instead. Even though we’ve incorporated, we’ve done this primarily so we establish partnerships with other business like Gurobi and MOSEK. In an academic context, it’s probably best to go ahead and stick with the personal names.

Nevertheless, if you do wish to cite the company, we are actually headquartered in Austin, TX, USA.

Thanks again!