Cannot perform the operation: {positive constant} .* {real affine}

This kind of problem happen in the following statement, i have no idea how it failed.
Is anyone interesting or experienced in this problem ? please give me a favor. Thank u very much.

t_old(1,:slight_smile: >= ones(1,K) ; u_old(1,:slight_smile: >= zeros(1,:slight_smile: ; are preset digits.

variables t(1,K) u(1,K)

expression f_ni(1,K)

for i = 1:K

f_ni(1,i) = sqrt((t_old(1,i)-1)* u_old(1,i)) + sqrt((t_old(1,i)-1) / u_old(1,i))* (u(1,i) - u_old(1,i)) /2 + sqrt(u_old(1,i)/(t_old(1,i)-1))*(t(1,i) - t_old(1,i)) /2 ;


Clearly, that’s a bug, because there’s nothing wrong with multiplying a positive constant times a real affine expression. You should submit a bug report to, but make sure to include compact code that reproduces the problem.

One thought: are you sure there are no Inf or NaN values in there? Any divisions by zero?

It exists zero in the denominator, thank u very much.