Cannot perform the operation: {complex affine} .* {log-convex}

This problem has been bothering me lately.I tried a lot of methods that were not solved, hoping to get help.

Please copy and paste code as text into your post, and apply the Preformattedt text icon to the code… That will allow forum readers to copy and paste your code into a MATLAB session. Do not post an image of your code.

Please show us a complete and consistent code. The constraint has W_p and W_c, neither of which are declared or defined in the code in the image. The image has declarations for .W_p_m and W_c_m. As for g_s, , you haven’t shown us the values of what is multiplying the exponentials involving the CVX variable gamma_p.

Thank you very much. I haven’t considered all aspects. Now I have found some minor problems. I’ll revise them first. If they haven’t been solved, I hope to get help again.