Can i write a formula which is convex function + convex function?

I just want to make sure that some rule of cvx
cvx can only accept
1.convex function + convex function
2.concave function + concave function
3.linear function + linear function
4.concave function + linear function
5.convex function + linear function

Are these right?i am a little confused with 4. and 5.,because linear function is both convex and concave function

CVX can accept all of those, and some others, as described in the CVX User’s Guide. Linear (affine) functions are both convex and concave, so they can be used where either convex or concave functions are allowed.

If you want a more in-depth understanding, I recommend you study and work some exercises in the first three to five chapters of Convex Optimization – Boyd and Vandenberghe

ok!thx for your information,and cvx can’t accept convex+concave ,

Yes, that is correct.

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