Bmi cvx problem

eps=arbitrary positive for example 2 or 3 or0.5 …
p is unKnow 2×2 symmetric
A0 and A1 are matrix 2×2 know

Thanks, but
i can not write matlab code for this formula, because p and p^2 used to
same formula . i cannot convet this formuls to lmi. not problem in eps1_5
J is matrix 2×2 know with |J|<=1

BMIs are non-convex and CVX will not accept them.

However, I’m not clear what your problem is. Are eps1, eps2, eps3, eps4, eps5, and eps6 the only unknowns, i.e., optimization variables? If so, this just an LMI and can be entered in the straightforward manner:

variables eps1 eps2 eps3 eps4 eps5 eps6
LHS == semidefinite(2)
eps1 >=  0
eps2 >=  0
eps3 >=  0
eps4 >=  0
eps5 >=  0
eps6 >=  0

Am I misunderstanding your problem?