Ask for a help about the cvx's error

I want to use the code to solve the object function through cvx,but there is an error in cvx:
“Cannot perform the operation:{real affine}.*{concave}”. How can I change the expression about code?
please help me! thanks very much!

x*log(1+y) is indefinite in x and y, i.e., neither convex nor concave, so can not b e used in CVX.

The paper where I found the model says it is convex, so I don’t know how to continue ;
but about perspective function:t*log(x/t) is concave in domain of definition

could you give me some suggestions to solve the problem? thank you very much!

If the expression you wish to maximize is concave, prove it to us. Please read the link in my above post.

You are right that the perspective function is concave. But unless t_1 and t_2 are somehow related to t_0 you have no way to exploit that. Do you have such a relation somewhere in your constraints?