Antenna array pattern synthesis via convex optimization

Hello friends,
I’m trying to minimize the sidelobe level of an array with lattice 2-D geometry. In the examples that given (look at the examples page), all the number of the array weights (i.e., amplitude and phase excitation) are considered in the optimization. However, I want to consider only some selected element weights while the other weights are remains constant. Any suggestion about this issue will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Tariq, this isn’t a forum for general modeling assistance. Once you are building a model with CVX, feel free to ask CVX-specific usage questions.

I reopened this because I do recognize that you’re looking at the examples; but still, we need specific usage questions here.

Thanks for your comments. Kindly note that I have build my own model which is based on some exciting model in the CVX site. However, I have problem how to deal with the array weights (w) which is the optimization parameters. I want to control these array weights individually so that some of them are constant while others are adjustable according to the optimization goals. Any simple comments or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Don’t declare the weights which you want to hold constant as CVX variables, and just set them to whatever value you want as MATLAB variables.
If that is too difficult, add constraints to constrain them to the desired values.

w(2) == 3.7
w(5) == 2.1

If that doesn’t amswer your question, then please provide code allowing for more specific guidance.

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