An error is reported during the iteration:The function or variable 'last_act' is not recognized

函数或变量 ‘last_act’ 无法识别。

出错 cvxprob/solve (第 354 行)
if ~found && last_solved == solved && last_act == nact,

出错 cvx_end (第 88 行)
solve( prob );

出错 rsma_sca_update (第 73 行)

I saw the question in the forum that it was the CVX version, but my CVX is 2.2, so I don’t know what to do, I hope people who know this can answer my confusion, thank you!!

Here’s my CVX version

You can try:

New MATLAB session.

Reinstalling CVX 2.2 Or try CVX 2.2.2 Announcement: CVX 2.2.2, the first "full" open-source release

Thank you very much for your reply, I will try this method

Or perhaps it’s a bug in CVX.