A question about equal constraint in GP

hi . I have a equal constraint in GP as follow:
that p1(t), p2(t),p3(t),p4(t),p5(t),I1(t),I2(t),I3(t),I4(t),I5(t),r1,r2,r3,r4,r5,r6,r7,pb(t) are variables that defined and pl is a constant vector. but cvx showes error:
Disciplined convex programming error:
Invalid constraint: {log-convex} == {log-affine}

Error in == (line 12)
b = newcnstr( evalin( ‘caller’, ‘cvx_problem’, ‘[]’ ), x, y, ‘==’ );

Error in project (line 96)
please help me , thanks.

In GP mode, if a, b, c,d,e are variables and f is a constant, you can have
a*b == e .
a*b == f

You can not have
a*b+c*d == e
a*b+c*d == f`` ora*b+c == eor a*b+c == f .

Please read the CVX User Guide
Per http://web.cvxr.com/cvx/doc/gp.html#constraints

Three types of constraints may be specified in geometric programs:

  • An equality constraint, constructed using ==, where both sides
    are monomials.
  • A less-than inequality constraint <= where the left side is a
    generalized posynomial and the right side is a monomial.
  • A greater-than inequality constraint >= where the left side is
    a monomial and the right side is a generalized posynomial.

thanks for your answer.

Hello, experts! I have a question about this, can you give me some advice?Thank you very much!
Code show as below:

When I use “<=”, it can be accepted by cvx, but “>=” is refused by CVX.
Disciplined convex programming error:
Invalid constraint: {log-convex} == {log-affine}
How should I change it to ensure that the use of “>=” can be accepted
Thanks again!

Please read Why isn't CVX accepting my model? READ THIS FIRST! .,

Have you read http://cvxr.com/cvx/doc/gp.html and specfrically http://web.cvxr.com/cvx/doc/gp.html#constraint ? Obviously, you are violating the rules presented there when ‘>=’ is refused by CVX. In such case, have you proven the model is convex? if you want to understand the CVX GP rules are a deeper level, and get insights on possible reformulations, please read https://web.stanford.edu/~boyd/papers/pdf/gp_tutorial.pdf .