A question about constrains

Hello,i have a problem.image
my optimization problem is ‘minimize P P=p1+p2+p3+p4+p5’,
One of the constraints is
but this is what happens when I run the code
Disciplined convex programming error:
Illegal operation: rel_entr( {positive constant}, {convex} ).

出错 Untitled (line 17)
I can’t solve this problem ,I hope you can give me some advice.Thank you very much!!!

log1+(x/(x+y)), where x and y are both variables, is neither convex nor concave.

However, if
is actually the desired constraint, you can exponentiate (base 2) both sides, thereby eliminating the log, then multiply out the denominator, which will result in an affine inequality, which CVX will accept. However, the 2^(10^6) coefficient will be a total numerical disaster. Maybe you need to think through your model and input data.

But then why do you have quad_over_lin some places/ Conclusion, I don’t even know what your desired model is. But you need to make sure it is convex.

if you do have
log2(quad_over_lin(...)) >= 10^6
you could exponentiate out the log2, but then you would have {convex} >= constant, which is going in the wrong direction to be a convex constraint.

Thank you very much for your advice! I have solved this problem with your help.