A problem in CVX with perspective function

Hi, everyone. I have a problem with CVX. This problem uses the perspective function to simplify first, and the representation based on (-rel_entr) is bounded, but the result is Unbounded. Therefore, I would like to ask you how to solve this problem.

Thank you very much!

Here is the code:

num_slot = 20;
num_id = 10;

variable B_m(1,num_slot)
variable r_k_m(num_id,num_slot)
variable a_k_m(num_id,num_slot)
variable theta
%All other symbols are known constants

maximize(theta) %OF
subject to
for k =1:num_id
th =0;
for m=1:num_slot
th = th + (G0_los(k)/(NO_RF* bandwidth_RF))
(-rel_entr(a_k_m(k,m)NO_RF bandwidth_RF/G0_los(k),a_k_m(k,m)

theta <= th;


Try following the advice in https://yalmip.github.io/debuggingunbounded .

OK. I’ll have a try.
thx a million!